Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More stories from the past

Why do people insist on asking questions they dont want answered.   Years ago, my boss built a display right infront of the counter where I worked (the autoparts store) not leaving any room for customers to pass to get to the counter, when finished (so he thought) he asked me what I thought, and for once I really tried to be good, I asked, are you sure you want to know, he said yes so I asked again hoping that he would take the hint and not ask again( no such luck) he asked again and I responded are you really sure you want to know, thinking he would look at the display and see the problem, he didnt and asked again, so once more I asked if he was absolutely sure that he really wanted to know, by now he was getting frustrated with me (still not seeing the problem) and he responded with tell me or I will fire you, so at that point I said once I tell you you may think about firing me but I dont think you will, at this point he said Damned it just tell me, so I said it was the most stupid thing that I had ever seen a manager do, that he should try to get to the counter if he wanted to fire me, so he turns around and realizes that he has totally blocked access to the counter, at this point he looks at me and says I ought to fire you, why didnt you tell me to which I responded that he was the boss and should have seen realized it himself and I added that if he still wanted to fire me I would leave now and go to work down the street after taking his two largest accounts with me.

I kept my job once again

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