Monday, June 6, 2011

How do you know

If you do the right thing, do the heavens part, do you here trumps blare, or hosts of Angels sing hossannas to your name? No!!!! At best you may get a warm feeling, (hmmm could it be gas) or at worst case you may not know for years, if ever. So, why do we put ourselves thru the stress and worry about other people, ( two and four legged varieties) I think we do this because most of us remember what it was like to live in Heavenly Fathers presence and we strive to emulate him when someone comes into our care for however long we have them with us. This doesn't mean our every decision right though and this is where I think the stress comes in. So here is to all the folks with sleepless nights and sick stomaches worrying did they do the right thing, God loves ya and I'm amazed by ya.

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